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S. Yantzer

Get Additional Horsepower to the rear wheels
and a cooler transmission with your Dodge Truck.


 Named Top 10 Products of 2011 Diesel Power Magazine

Why choose Goerend Transmission Parts?

  • We build our own torque converters, in-house, using specialty precision ATI, SuperFlow, and Mazak equipment. These high quality parts carry warranties from Goerend Transmission Inc., up to our exclusive lifetime warranty on triple-disc converters.


  • Unlike many transmission companies, we have invested in several on-site specialty tools that allow us to analyze and test our products beyond what the competition can do.


  • While many consider us `Eastern Iowa’s High Tech Specialists` we operate nationally. Our satisfied customers can be found all over the globe, from internet diesel truck forums to the local drag strip.

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Check out the Goerend Transmission Youtube channel for great informational videos and tips! 


Warning: DO NOT buy a used Goerend Transmission from anyone until after checking with us to verify that it IS a Goerend Transmission, people have been experiencing problems and much disappointment when they buy a second hand aftermarket and think it is a Goerend Unit- when it is NOT.                      *The seller should be able to provide you with their Invoice as proof.


 Dave Goerend