Goerend Transmission



Dodge Diesel Transmission
47RE (1996-2002) Transmission Click here for details  
For 2003 - If the 8th digit of the VIN is a 6 then you have a 47RE, if it is a C then you have a 48RE.
48RE (2004-2007)Transmission Click here for details.  

At Goerends we no longer build full transmissions in house but do supply many customers with quality, time tested components to make your build as robust as possible. You have the option to rebuild it yourself, at a trusted shop, or at a Goerend dealer near you. Call for Details.  

When we receive the core back, we refund the core charge with a check or a credit to your credit card in a timely manner.  Generally the next business day.  The core return process goes like this - You notify us for pickup - It arrives here - It gets checked in - It goes through the core inspection process and credit can then be issued accordingly.  If the core has a cracked case or overdrive housing or has a broken input shaft or other concerns - such as in flooded waters, a fee will be deducted.


Shafts & Upgrades
Item Price
1 piece Sonnax Billet input shaft $750.00
Billet Intermediate Shaft $750.00
Billet Output Shaft 47/48 RE $750.00
Billet Output Shaft 47RH $800.00
Billet Front Clutch Drum (For Race Only) $600.00
 Goerend Torque Converters 
Item Price
 Goerend Converters were develped using a chasssis dyno, transmission dyno, &  live trucks.   

Triple Disc Torque Converter - 3 year warranty

an additional $300 core charge will be applied to order - see core information below


Triple Disc Torque converter - Limited Lifetime Warranty -                                Includes 1 FREE stall change within the first year to the original owner

an additional $300 core carge will be applied to order - see core information below

 Goerend Valve Body 
Item Price
 Goerend Valve Bodies are dyno tested on an Answermatic 4000 Valve Body Test Machine with Superflow WinDyn Software  

High Pressure Valve Body with Solenoids

Upgrade to GM Solenoid for an additional $100.00 

an additional $300 core charge will be applied to order - see core information below

Torque Converter & Valve Body Core Charge - Must be a useable core of the same model $300.00 
 When we receive a useable core of the same model back, we refund the core charge with a credit to your credit card in a timely manner, generally the next business day.   

Dodge Front Servo Spring Compression Tool


Upon request a spring tool can be sent with your Valve Body order for $125. This tool helps simplify the valve body installation process. The $125 charge can be refunded upon return of this tool. 

Dodge Transmission Pan
Item Price


  • Patented sloped floor-resulting in 100% drainage
  • Tapped hole for easy installation of temp. sender
  • Magnetic drain plug with copper ring to remove any metal particles and create a leak proof seal
  • CNC machined
  • Constructed of lightweight cast aluminum for efficient heat dissipation and durability
  • Holds 2 1/2 quarts more transmission fluid than stock (tested to be the best amount)
  • Billet aluminum lowering block to position the filter in the optimum position
  • Gasket also included

(Includes all Hardware for Installation, 3/8 Drive Allen Socket, Billet Lowering Block)

 we use for best results Mopar Trans Filter #3515996 (Dacron Filter) or Transtar #12010C


Sale Price: $235.00



Flex Plates
Item Price
Stock Flex Plate $275.00
Goerend Billet Flex Plate - (Non SFI Approved) 47RE, 48RE, 47RH  5.9             $350.00
Billet Flex Plate (SFI Approved) $450.00
Micellaneous Parts  
Item Price
47-48RE GM Governor Pressure Solenoid Block Conversion Kit $120.00

Billet Lever/Strut/Anchor 3.8 Ratio

Made from 4140 Hardened Steel

Individual Pricing: 

Lever: $35

Strut: $25

Anchor: $25


Sale Price: $60.00


Individual Sale Pricing:

Lever: $25

Strut: $20

Anchor: $20


Detent Bullet                                                                                                                                        $15.00
  All prices are subject to change

Different warranties apply for torque converters. Refer to your invoice. No warranty on stock stators. Warranty does not include loss of time, use, towing, installation, freight or per diem damages. To transfer warranty your original invoice must be provided.